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The Ultimate Guide to Ads Retargeting for Plumbing + HVAC Contractors in 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Ads Retargeting for Plumbing + HVAC Contractors in 2020


As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you spend a lot of money and time trying to promote your plumbing + HVAC website. And you are probably impressed whenever new prospects land on your site. But the excitement is short-lived if the new prospects are not helping you to increase your revenue/ profit.

Unfortunately, studies suggest that only three percent of new prospects who visit your plumbing + HVAC website convert into clients. Simply put, your plumbing + HVAC business will book three jobs out of 100 prospects that land on your site. This is because it takes time before a prospect decides to hire you for the job.

The major problem is that these prospects may never come back to look for plumbing + HVAC services/ products on your site again. So how are you going to follow up on the massive chunk of prospects who navigated away from your website? Luckily, there is one thing you can do to bring back those prospects- run plumbing + HVAC retargeting campaigns.

This post will explain everything you need to know about plumbing + HVAC ads retargeting, how it works, why it is crucial for your plumbing + HVAC business, and tips to get started in a few minutes!

Without further ado, let us dive straight into our post.

What is Plumbing + HVAC Ads Retargeting?

Plumbing + HVAC ad retargeting, also called remarketing, retargeting is the process where you target ads to prospects that have interacted with your website earlier but have not been able to convert into a sale.

For example, if a prospect lands on your plumbing + HVAC website and browses different pages, without filling out the contact form or booking a job, plumbing + HVAC ads retargeting can help to reach them out again.

Since you don’t have their contact details, retargeting works through cookies and pixels. So, when a prospect lands on your website and navigates away without converting, you can set up a plumbing + HVAC retargeting campaign to continue sending them further marketing messages until they convert.

Instead of wasting your marketing dollars trying to get new prospects, you need to retarget prospects that have already interacted with your site with personalized messages and ads.

Let us explore further how Ads Retargeting Works for plumbing + HVAC contractors.

The term Remarketing and Retargeting are often interchangeable.

How Does Ads Retargeting Works for Plumbing + HVAC Contractors?

When prospects land on your plumbing + HVAC website, they are generally tagged with a pixel or cookie. This helps you to earmark and target these prospects with custom ads whenever they are online.

Retargeting helps you to remind your clients of your services and products after they navigate away from your website without purchasing. It helps you to show your prospects relevant ads when they visit other sites.

What makes plumbing + HVAC retargeting particularly effective (and possible) is its unique capability of real-time bidding (RTB) technology, which allows plumbing + HVAC marketing professionals to bid on and buy an ad impression.

Reasons Why Ads Retargeting is an Important Marketing Strategy for Plumbing + HVAC Contractors

There are various reasons why Ads retargeting is so powerful, particularly for performance-driven plumbing + HVAC contractors, here is why:

Retargeting Gives Plumbing + HVAC Contractors a Second Chance to Convert a Prospect

What makes ads retargeting special is the fact that it only targets prospects who had earlier visited your landing pages or plumbing + HVAC websites. This implies these prospects have already been exposed to your brand and, most likely, your plumbing + HVAC services or products. As a result, these prospects are more qualified and can easily be convinced by your continuous marketing efforts.

If most of your website traffic consists of one-time prospects, organic or paid, that would otherwise vanish away, plumbing + HVAC ads retargeting helps you to continue marketing to those prospects and return them to the conversion funnel.

For instance, look at a plumbing + HVAC PPC campaign, when the advertiser is bidding on high-value keywords. When the prospect clicks on the ad, the plumbing + HVAC contractors get charged and are typically given one chance to convince that client to book for a service or product.

But with plumbing + HVAC retargeting, the high-value prospect can then be retargeted with subsequent ads at a cheaper cost. Retargeting ads act as an online reminder to prospects of their desire to book jobs through your site, hopefully encouraging them to come back and convert.

Retargeting Drives Steady Flow of Plumbing + HVAC Leads By Capturing your Prospects Data

Retargeting perfectly complements your search engine marketing and plumbing + HVAC SEO efforts. If you have a steady flow of organic prospects landing on your plumbing + HVAC site, you should take advantage of that massive traffic to craft a retargeting list. This is particularly crucial if a bunch of traffic consists of one-time prospects that would have vanished away without converting.

Retargeting Helps Plumbing + HVAC to Generate More Sales

This is the most crucial and distinct advantage of retargeting as an integral part of your online marketing strategy. Different plumbing + HVAC contractors have various metrics based on the type of plumbing + HVAC services/ products they offer. Still, every plumbing + HVAC contractor who wants to stay ahead of competition must pay attention to the revenue generated.

Retargeting Ads Helps Plumbing + HVAC Contractors to Reach Interested Potential Clients

Retargeting helps to reach out to prospects, who had expressed an interest in your service or product offering, now you just have to nudge or remind them to fill out the contact form at the bottom of your plumbing + HVAC website. plumbing + HVAC ad retargeting is advantageous to your business because through it you can reach interested potential clients, rather than reaching out to a bunch of prospects who may not be interested in your services.

Retargeting Increases Your Plumbing + HVAC Brand Awareness

Recent studies show that it may take up to seven impressions by your brand on a client to build trust for them to convert. Retargeting can reduce the time your client takes to build sufficient brand awareness and make a purchasing decision. Even if those prospects don’t book a job straight away, you are putting all the odds in your favor because your brand will be the first one to be remembered once they decide to move forward. Brand awareness is crucial for your plumbing + HVAC business growth, and retargeting offers advantages in that area.

Retargeting ads help Plumbing + HVAC Contractors to Get More Conversions.

Retargeting ads will help plumbing + HVAC contractors to achieve a high conversion rate, and the cost per acquisition will be low because you are just targeting the right prospects using the right ads. Therefore, prospects who click on your plumbing + HVAC retargeting ads are more likely to have the intent of purchasing.

Retargeting Ads are Cost-Effective

Since you are concentrating on prospects that are likely to purchase your services, you will be obtaining a good bang out of your plumbing + HVAC PPC buck. Retargeting narrows down your target audience to those prospects who have not converted, thus making it more cost-effective.

Types of Ads Retargeting

You can retarget prospects based on several factors, such as emails, intent, searches, and website visits. All of these methods are crucial to returning the traffic and increase leads. Without further ado, let us explore some of the most common forms of plumbing + HVAC ads retargeting.

Search Retargeting

When using this method, you are going after prospects that have searched for services using keywords that are relevant to your business. Thus, a plumbing + HVAC contractor here will be making assumptions based on the searcher’s intent. However, just because a property owner has used keywords that are relevant to your business does not imply that they are ready to buy.

General Plumbing + HVAC Website Retargeting

This is the most popular form of plumbing + HVAC retargeting. You can use this form of retargeting on platforms like Face book, LinkedIn, Quora, and Twitter. Unfortunately, plumbing + HVAC contractor will have very few options with these methods.

Email Retargeting

Just like with the other forms of plumbing + HVAC marketing, retargeting can also be done through emails too!

How Can Plumbing + HVAC Contractors Craft a Specific Retargeting Offer?

Plumbing + HVAC contractors can take advantage of retargeting offers to lure prospects back to your plumbing + HVAC website and convert immediately in retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads are fantastic because plumbing + HVAC contractors can retarget based on the pages that the prospects had visited on their website.

For example, if prospects were reading about the HVAC system on your plumbing + HVAC website, but did not reach out to you. A retargeting offer can be crafted as follows:

“Limited Time Offer: Get Up to $1,500 off new HVAC system. Offer Expires on 12/31. Schedule your free plumbing + HVAC estimate today.”

This ad will attract your prospect’s attention as well as to make them take action because of the limited time discount.

Having an offer is crucial to your plumbing + HVAC retargeting success. You want the prospects to come back, so you need to give then an enticing offer to achieve that. This could include but not limited to:

Limited customer discount (You can provide a service to the limited group of people

  • within a specific timeframe)
  • Free add-ons to the plumbing + HVAC services
  • Discounted service

Plumbing + HVAC Ads landing pages

Another important thing that you need to consider is what will follow after prospects click on your targeted ads. So be careful not to send your prospects to your homepage, which does not say anything about the advert you have just posted there.

You must craft a specific plumbing + HVAC landing page that has all the details about the offer and allows people to contact your business, whether on email or filling out the contact form.

This is CRUCIAL if your retargeting ads are to achieve great results.

Where can Plumbing + HVAC Contractors Set Up Their Retargeting Ads?

There are various platforms where plumbing + HVAC contractors can set up their retargeting campaigns, including:


Almost all prospects are on social media, these ads are effective and cheap at getting prospects back to the conversion funnel.

Google Remarketing Ads

We all know that Google controls a huge chunk of the search market. You should try to rent an advertising space with them to stay ahead of the curve.


Many prospects enjoy watching videos. You can insert a retargeting video for them to watch when they move from one video to another. This will catch their attention!

Do You Have Retargeting Ads Set Up?

Even if your plumbing + HVAC website is properly designed with all the conversion elements intact, you are likely to only get 20 out of 100 prospects requesting your services. What will happen to the other 80 prospects? They will navigate and visit your competitor’s websites.

Retargeting them is the only way that they can return to your site and convert. After visiting your website, prospects will be browsing social media or other sites and seeing your retargeted ads. It is a good strategy of bringing prospects back and establishing a powerful plumbing + HVAC brand.

Retargeting for Plumbing+ HVAC Contractors: the Surefire way of Growing Your Brand Online

When done properly, a plumbing + HVAC retargeting campaign can boost the growth and traffic of your business, all from the web! It makes sure that your brand is in front of prospects in your locality thus increasing their trust that they might contact you. Higher rankings = Increased traffic = More customers.

A good plumbing + HVAC retargeting campaign takes patience and time, but the end results are worth it. BlackStorm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing not only have professionals managing your ad campaigns, but they have a thorough knowledge of the plumbing + HVAC industry.

Plumbing + HVAC ad retargeting can be a cost-effective method particularly for plumbing + HVAC contractor working on a budget. This is because of concentrate only on prospects that are interested in your plumbing + HVAC services. It is a great advertising model that helps plumbing + HVAC contractors to promote their services or products. Retargeting helps your site to reach out to prospects who did not convert initially by telling them that your services are still worth a try!

Level up Your Plumbing + HVAC Re-targeting Ads with BlackStorm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing

Every plumbing + HVAC contractor strives to win back the prospect who never converted during t their first visit. Re-targeting helps to bring back those prospects who navigated away from your site before they converted. But how can your plumbing + HVAC business achieve great re-targeting results without partnering with experienced plumbing + HVAC marketers?

At BlackStorm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing, we don’t promise but deliver great plumbing + HVAC retargeting campaign results. We will give you the secrets on how your business can be ranked #1 on Google and snatch most of the leads from your competitors. If you are searching for a plumbing + HVAC retargeting partner, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free strategy session and quote today!


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