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4 Easy Ways to Generate Qualified Plumbing + HVAC Leads Every Month

Do you want to get a steady flow of qualified plumbing + HVAC leads but don’t know where to start?

Are you tired of wasting your marketing dollars on bad leads?

If you want to increase your plumbing + HVAC sales through lead generation, then this post is designed for you…

Any plumbing + HVAC contractor knows that generating exclusive plumbing + HVAC leads consistently can be an uphill task.

But once you have put up the systems and processes to generate plumbing + HVAC leads regularly, you will have endless possibilities of growing your plumbing + HVAC business.

If you want to know how you can transform your plumbing + HVAC website into a lead generation machine, this post has everything you need to know.

But let us first dive into the basics!

What is an Exclusive Plumbing + HVAC lead?

Before we start our discussion on how to get more leads, let us make sure that we understand what Plumbing + HVAC leads are, types and how they can increase your Plumbing + HVAC sales.

One major challenge that we see many plumbing + HVAC contractors facing when they purchase leads is that they are never satisfied because most of these leads don’t convert into sales.

Many times, it is the lead generation company that should be blamed for offering a poor-quality plumbing + HVAC lead. On the flip side, there are many instances when the plumbing + HVAC fails to understand what they are spending money on.

“A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information” ~Source

Many marketers tend to argue about the true definition of a sales lead. However, the most crucial thing to know is that a lead is neither a sale nor an appointment.

In simple terms, a plumbing + HVAC lead is any organization or individual who has expressed interest in your service or products and offered contact details to know more about it.

An exclusive plumbing + HVAC lead is specifically intended for your business rather than being a general inquiry into plumbing + HVAC products or services on a directory type website.

But leads convert into sales. And for your plumbing + HVAC business to get deals, you required leads. And that’s why it essential to have a system or process in place to generate them regularly.

Commercial vs. Residential Plumbing + HVAC Leads

Plumbing + HVAC contractors have two kinds of leads in their industry: Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C). Commercial leads will be harder to get than residential leads.

Here are the top ways to Get Plumbing + HVAC Leads Online (Without any Guesswork!)

1. Local Maps SEO

Many plumbing + HVAC contractors are wary of SEO. Some think that it is dead, while others don’t view it as a worthwhile business investment.

Well, we are here to assure you that Local plumbing + HVAC SEO can help you obtain relevant traffic, quality leads, and increased sales. If you are a local plumbing + HVAC contractor, your leads will typically come from the community living around you.

If you want your plumbing + HVAC business to appear on top of local search results, then you need to use local SEO mapping techniques to ensure that prospects find you online when they require your services.

You can produce Google Maps leads from searches like:

  • Plumbing + HVAC installation [City]
  • Plumbing + HVAC Replacement [City]
  • Plumbing + HVAC Repair [City]

To dominate local search plumbing + HVAC results, your business must be registered with my Google My Business. If you want to how to set up your GMB plumbing + HVAC contractor profile, follow the steps outlined in this post.

Obtaining positive Google reviews to inform clients about your excellent reputation is also crucial to generating quality plumbing + HVAC leads from Google maps.

2. Organic SEO for Qualified Plumbing + HVAC Leads

Organic SEO is the process of getting your plumbing + HVAC website ranked high in SERPs. Although most of your leads and traffic will come from listing your business on Google maps, there are other SEO opportunities that you can grab.

You can grab long-tail keywords from your rivals that they don’t consider to rank for. And this can help your plumbing + HVAC business to generate an extra 100 leads every month.

This is where crafting informative, engaging, and high-quality content about topics within your industry comes in handy. There are two kinds of content that most plumbing + HVAC contractors rank organically in any search result.

First, you can list your services plus the cities covered. Some of the topic headlines here include:

  1. Plumbing + HVAC Contractor in Town/Neighborhood/City, State
  2. Plumbing + HVAC Replacement Companies in [City, Town or State]

Secondly, you can write top-notch articles to help you get listed in Google search results. Some examples of high-quality plumbing + HVAC articles include:

  • Why you need plumbing + HVAC replacement services?
  • What is the ideal plumbing + HVAC shingle type for winter?

Organic SEO can take your plumbing + HVAC lead generation to the next level if you work with a reputable SEO agency. Blackstorm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing team will create a unique plumbing + HVAC SEO strategy that will improve your plumbing + HVAC website rankings in SERP’s.

3. Invest in Pay Per Click Advertising to Get Exclusive Plumbing + HVAC Leads

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you might have heard about Google Adwords previously. Many plumbing + HVAC companies have mixed reactions about PPC lead generation; some claim it is expensive while others are comfortable with it.

But before you make your decision, here are some statistics that might change your perception:

-For every $1 spent on PPC, the average business generates $2 in income (Source)

-90% of organic traffic obtained from search ads cannot be replaced by clicks when ads are paused. (Google).

As a leading plumbing + HVAC PPC advertising company, we can guarantee you that Google Adwords can generate more plumbing + HVAC leads than any other plumbing + HVAC marketing campaign. We will help you know which keywords are crucial for your business and calculate their conversion costs to ensure the success of your campaign.

4. Directory Sites and Local Review

Now, this is not another lead generation technique, however having your business phone, name, service, and address listed in the local directories can help clients to visit your plumbing + HVAC website and become potential leads in the future.

Your online reputation is one aspect that improves the visibility of your business. Many prospects will look for reviews and more details about your business before contacting you.

Some of the best local directories and review sites include:

  • -Better Business Bureau
  • -Yelp
  • -Yellow pages
  • -Home Advisor

Final Thoughts

There are literary thousands of ways of getting more exclusive plumbing + HVAC leads to your business. But few of them that have been time-tested include local maps SEO, getting higher rankings on search engines, and creating a professional plumbing + HVAC website that will appeal to your prospects/clients.

The strategies discussed above have highlighted some of the little-known ways to generate plumbing + HVAC leads. If you want to convert your plumbing + HVAC website into a lead generation machine, don’t hesitate to schedule a free strategy session with us today.

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Does Plumbing + HVAC SEO Still Work during the COVID-19 crisis?

Be found online, get leads and increase conversions with plumbing + HVAC SEO

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, I know you must have been affected by COVID-19- in some way. You might be seeing fewer clients as people try to keep social distancing rules, change leisure and travel plans, and concentrate on staying healthy rather than looking for plumbing + HVAC services or products.

Unless you are selling hand sanitizers or face masks, you must be concerned about the effects of the coronavirus on your plumbing + HVAC business, ROI, and an empty plumbing + HVAC sales pipeline.

So does that mean you stop marketing your plumbing + HVAC business? 


Marketing your plumbing + HVAC business during the COVID-19 crisis can be challenging. While countries are slowly tightening their belts and getting qualified leads is becoming twice harder to find, you may be tempted to throw in the towel.

In terms of growing your business, now is the time to start ordering more materials by the truckload? Probably not. But it is an excellent chance to assess where your plumbing + HVAC business stands in terms of search engine optimization. Since some marketing strategies might not have a lot of weight now, you can rest assured that plumbing + HVAC SEO is more crucial than ever.

What does this mean? It is simple. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, prospects are out there searching for plumbing + HVAC products/services. They still have intentions of installing/ replacing a plumbing + HVAC system-may be not today, but later they might hire you. Your clients-even new customers are out there. Now it is your role to find them or, more particularly, make them find your plumbing + HVAC business online.

Reasons Why Plumbing + HVAC SEO Works Even During the COVID-19 Crisis

I understand that we are living in troubling times. But as plumbing + HVAC contractor, there is one thing that we can control, the ability to remain resilient and make informed choices that will bring saving grace to our businesses. Why does plumbing + HVAC SEO work even during the coronavirus crisis? Here are the top 4 reasons to help answer your question.

Plumbing + HVAC SEO is Flexible

Your plumbing + HVAC website and marketing strategy may keep on changing, but SEO remains constant. Whether you have just started using SEO strategies or a veteran, there is always room for improvement. By opening your plumbing + HVAC website pages, assessing areas for growth, gauging those of your competitors, you will be making your website more friendly to search engines and thus attract more potential clients(even during the time of economic hardship posed by COVID-19). What can you do to make my plumbing + HVAC website on top of search engine results? You can use this time to make crucial website tweaks, additions, and revisions to take advantage of the higher rankings- you will be preparing yourself for long-term success.

Plumbing + HVAC SEO is Cost-Effective

This is a great one, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, where you have to account for every dollar that you spend in marketing your plumbing + HVAC business. Now notice that we did not say that plumbing + HVAC SEO is cheap, with but Cost-effective. What does that imply? Compared to traditional forms of advertising and marketing, effective plumbing + HVAC SEO will bring a higher Return on Investment. The dollars you spend on plumbing + HVAC SEO are spent with the sole aim of reaching out to prospects that are already searching for your services or products online. These are qualified leads that want plumbing + HVAC services and are just searching for an experienced plumbing + HVAC contractor in their city.

Plumbing + HVAC SEO Will Last Longer than COVID-19 Crisis

It’s hard to understand now, but a crisis is temporal in nature. Sooner or later, the national economy will rebound, and things start to normalize. People will return to their businesses and your plumbing + HVAC technicians back to action. A few months from now, the uncertainty and apprehension you are now experiencing will be but a memory. That’s why the best thing you can do right now is to prepare your business to survive even after the coronavirus crisis. Optimizing your plumbing + HVAC website for search engines is a long term investment that will generate a high ROI.

Plumbing + HVAC SEO is Trustworthy

When the crisis hits, people typically become skeptical about whom they should trust. And that’s simply, understandable. Many people trust Google to give them answers to their daily life. If your plumbing + HVAC website has not scooped a top spot on Google’s search results, then you are losing prospects or qualified leads.

What Should I Do?

Don’t Panic

I know it can be easier said than done, right? But trust BlackStorm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing on this one. The best thing you can probably do to make sure that your plumbing + HVAC business gets through these turbulent times is to just take a deep breath and know that the COVID-19 crisis will pass on with time. Operating on emotion and fear can alter the trajectory of your plumbing + HVAC business and make it fail to achieve its objectives. Don’t allow that to happen!


As the clench goes, if you fail to plan, you are expecting to fail. It is time to look where your site ranks in terms of keywords related to your business. From there, check how your rivals are ranking, what they are providing that you are not, and what you can do to outshine them. Also, look at Google Trends to know what prospects are searching for in your industry. This will help you to adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly. Put in the hard work required to bring conversions and traffic down the line. Thinking about where you are, where you want to be, and what can be done to achieve your goals is crucial now.

Don’t Just Hire an Expert

The plumbing + HVAC industry is full of people who claim to know-it-all when it comes to search engine optimization. They might show you a few website tweaks with a false promise of ranking your site on the first page of Google. Such people will go ahead to tell you why your plumbing + HVAC is not ranking high in SERP’s. What you require, though, is an SEO professional who will develop a stellar strategy to make your plumbing + HVAC website rank and continue generating exclusive leads online. This leads me to my last point…

Partner with a Full-Service Plumbing + HVAC SEO Agency

 Plumbing + HVAC SEO is not a walk in the park, as it takes time before you achieve any noticeable results. Thus, it is not something that you can do overnight. There is always room for improvement. For example, while adding fresh content on your page is an advantage, you need to make sure the pages are loading faster, your photos are informative and engaging, your content is easily found, and user-experience is above board. That’s certainly a lot to request from any plumbing + HVAC contractor. For such reasons, it is advisable that you partner with full-service plumbing + HVAC SEO agency to develop, implement, and monitor your plumbing + HVAC marketing strategy.

If you are searching for a reliable, experienced plumbing + HVAC SEO agency, then your search stops here. At BlackStorm plumbing + HVAC marketing, we have helped other plumbing + HVAC contractor like you be found by prospects. If you want your plumbing + HVAC business to rank for relevant keywords and outshine rivals, feel free to schedule a free strategy session with us today!


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6 Marketing Mistakes Plumbing + HVAC Contractors Make And How to Avoid Them

Discover the Marketing Mistakes your plumbing + HVAC business is making and how to avoid them!

Marketing your plumbing + HVAC business is essential for long term success. Without an effective marketing plan, how will potential clients know about the services you offer?

Simply having a great plumbing + HVAC marketing plan is not enough; your strategy needs to bring desired results!

I have met countless plumbing + HVAC contractors who had invested thousands of dollars in marketing their trade, only to receive discouraging results. From my analysis, I found that these plumbing + HVAC contractors were making the same mistakes over and over while expecting great results.

Knowing about these potential plumbing + HVAC marketing mistakes can assist you in building an effective strategy that will generate quality leads and outrank the competition.

Mistake #1: Your Business Lacks a High-Quality, User-Friendly Plumbing + HVAC Website

Today, if a customer wants more information about your business, they are likely to visit your plumbing + HVAC website. Your website is usually the first point of contact between your business and prospects. Potential clients are expected to visit your site first before calling you for service. So, you need to make sure your plumbing + HVAC website covers the following features;

  • It loads faster and thus helps customers to find the information they need promptly
  • Mobile-compatibility- Your plumbing + HVAC website must work seamlessly across all mobile devices

No prospect/client will ever stay in your site if it’s poorly designed, takes long to load, and is not easy to navigate. To fix this problem, you need to hire an experienced plumbing + HVAC marketing company to redesign your plumbing + HVAC website.

Mistake #2: Failure to Manage their Business Reputation

When you are just launching your plumbing + HVAC business, you have limited or no time to manage your online reputation.

During that time, nobody is talking about your plumbing + HVAC business online.

But as your business grows, more prospects/ customers will start to talk about your products or services online.

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you need to regulate what they say or find on your website.

Customers are likely to judge your company’s performance based on the reviews they find on your site.

Unfortunately, most plumbing + HVAC contractor do not respond to these online reviews, thus leaving a wrong impression on business or homeowners.

Fortunately, our team can help you stay ahead of the curve as few plumbing + HVAC contractors do anything towards improving their online reputation.

Mistake #3: Hiring the Wrong SEO Company

If your plumbing + HVAC website is not ranking high in search engines, then you might be losing jobs and leads. SEO can either make or break your plumbing + HVAC business.

This is because it strives to improve your site’s rankings in the search engines.

An effective SEO strategy involves several techniques geared towards increasing your plumbing + HVAC sales, improving your search presence, and boosting your traffic.

SEO, no doubt, provides a great way to grow your plumbing + HVAC business!


There are several so-called “SEO companies” out there who want to make quick money and ruin your business.

A gross mistake that most plumbing + HVAC contractors make is to hire the first SEO agency that sends them a quote.

 The truth is that SEO results cannot be achieved overnight. Most of these agencies will work with more than 100+ industries with no focus on a particular niche.

To get good results, work with a reputable marketing agency that specializes in plumbing + HVAC SEO.

You are likely to see your rankings rise faster and sometimes at a cheaper cost compared to the conventional agency.

Blackstorm plumbing + HVAC marketing has helped numerous clients to get new leads, repeat clients, and referrals. Trust us to craft and implement your SEO strategy, and your plumbing + HVAC business will always be ahead of completion.

Mistake #4: Not Claiming Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a great tool that puts your plumbing + HVAC business on Google maps and assists your site to rank higher in local search results. If you have not claimed your listing, it means that you are missing out on a tool that many potential clients use to find local plumbing + HVAC contractors. The fact is, potential clients, contact plumbing + HVAC business off the Google My Business Listing. If your business is not listed in Google My Business, then you stand to lose potential leads, jobs, and referrals.

Mistake #5Ignoring Competition

 You need to keep abreast of what your competitors are doing to know which initiatives succeed or fail. Do a SWOT analysis for every significant competitor and compare that to your business to uncover new plumbing + HVAC marketing opportunities. It will also give you insights on how you can outrank your competitors. By paying close attention to your competitor’s marketing effort, you will know how to allocate resources to find new clients.

Mistake #6: Targeting the Wrong Audience

No matter how great your plumbing + HVAC website, ad campaigns, or logo are, if you are reaching to the wrong audience, you will be wasting your marketing dollars. You need to spend time trying to understand the needs of your audience and how best you can solve them. By doing this, plumbing & HVAC contractors will be able to make most out of their marketing efforts and attract new customers and referrals. You should hire a professional plumbing + HVAC retargeting agency to help you understand your audience and what you can do to solve their problems.

Mistakes Happen, but What should you do?

These marketing blunders could ruin your plumbing + HVAC business if not fixed or addressed promptly. Fortunately, our team can help you build a profitable business by developing a solid plumbing + HVAC marketing strategy, managing your online reputation, retargeting the right audience, boosting your SEO results, and designing a high-quality plumbing + HVAC website to generate quality leads. The good news is that you can achieve these results without breaking your bank account. Schedule a free strategy session to learn more about how we can help your plumbing + HVAC business today!


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How Can Plumbing + HVAC Contractors Take Advantage of Local SEO to Grow Their Business?

Dominate Local Search results, Crush your Competition and Double Your Plumbing + HVAC Sales with Local SEO.

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you already know that your industry is extremely competitive. This is because other plumbing + HVAC contractors are targeting the same business or homeowners as you do, and it can be an uphill task to convince those prospects to select your company.

Fortunately, several digital marketing tricks can assist you in attracting the quality plumbing + HVAC leads your business requires.

If you want your plumbing + HVAC business to be found on Google maps and dominates local search results, Local SEO for plumbing + HVAC contractor is all you need.

Google wants your plumbing + HVAC business to reap the advantages of local SEO.

Without further ado, let’s first dive straight to the basics!

What exactly is Local SEO for Plumbing + HVAC ?

Local SEO for Plumbing + HVAC Contractors is a process of optimizing your plumbing + HVAC website to make it easier for local clients to discover your business. It helps you to promote your business to local consumers when they require your plumbing + HVAC products or services.

To produce relevant local search results, Google uses signals from citations, Google My Business, proximity to the user, and social signals.

Local searches usually concentrate on a particular location, like;

  • “Plumbing + HVAC Company near me.”
  • “Plumbing + HVAC near me.”
  • “Plumbing + HVAC services in (City name)”
  • “Plumbing + HVAC Replacement services in (City name)”

Recent research shows that local SEO closes eight times more than conventional marketing methods. This means that for every client, traditional marketing of plumbing + HVAC brings you; Local SEO will get you almost nine more.

To increase your chances of being found online by local plumbing + HVAC clients, you can think about working with a reputable Plumbing + HVAC SEO agency.

Why Is Local SEO Important to Your Plumbing + HVAC Business?

As a local plumbing + HVAC contractor, you might feel like there is no need to invest your time and money to make your business appear on the first page of Google when prospects are searching for your services. That may be true for organic listings, but for local search dominance, the story is entirely different.

Local SEO Saves Plumbing + HVAC contractor’s Time & Money

 As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you can’t merely wear every hat in your business. No doubt, becoming an SEO expert is not at the top of your priorities. You don’t have enough time to attend to all plumbing + HVAC marketing aspects of your business.

However, Local SEO optimization is a crucial marketing hack that can convert leads into plumbing + HVAC sales. If you ignore it, your plumbing + HVAC business may stand to lose prospects or clients.

Local Plumbing + HVAC SEO Maximizes Your Business Reach 

Local SEO encourages customers to find your plumbing + HVAC services online on their own volition. It helps your local plumbing + HVAC business be found by clients looking for local plumbing + HVAC service providers online. This is one significant advantage of Local SEO to Plumbing + HVAC Contractors.

In fact, 85% of clients use the internet to find local service providers, so if your plumbing + HVAC business wants to reach them, you need to focus all your marketing efforts on local SEO.

Greater local visibility means more phone calls, booked jobs, and high-quality plumbing + HVAC leads.

Local Plumbing + HVAC SEO Helps Your Business Have an Online Local Presence

Getting your business ranked high in local search results is a big deal, especially in today’s competitive plumbing + HVAC marketplace.

Modern clients prefer to do an online search before they decide which plumbing + HVAC contractor they will hire for services.

 Therefore, plumbing + HVAC contractors who have the right local online presence will obtain vast plumbing + HVAC leads in the domestic plumbing + HVAC market.

It means that if you take your time to submit your plumbing + HVAC website and other plumbing + HVAC web-related pages to local SEO, this will help your plumbing + HVAC business rank high in local searches and ultimately lead to high plumbing + HVAC sales.

Since most clients tend to hire plumbing + HVAC contractor 15 miles from their home or business, your plumbing + HVAC website must dominate in these local searches to get a high volume of converted quality plumbing + HVAC leads.


Failure to grab the high volume of traffic involved in these local plumbing + HVAC searches will make your plumbing + HVAC company miss tons of potential high profits. As a result, even if you are not an SEO expert, it should be in plumbing + HVAC business best interest to hire a Professional Plumbing + HVAC SEO Agency to manage this critical aspect of your business.

Local SEO Drives Massive Website Traffic to your Plumbing + HVAC Business

Accurate local SEO strategies will drive relevant prospects/ clients to your plumbing + HVAC website. Local SEO offers opportunities/ clients the information they require when they seriously need it. It generates massive web traffic that can easily be converted into clients.

What Next? Make Your Plumbing + HVAC Website a Lead Generating Machine

When done correctly, Local SEO can produce the following desirable advantages to your plumbing + HVAC business as listed below:

  • A superb online presence in your local plumbing + HVAC market
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Top-notch content that draws customers to your site
  • Excellent and relevant website traffic
  • More phone calls from prospects or clients
  • More people finding your plumbing + HVAC business and requesting services
  • Increased plumbing + HVAC sales
  • Lots of repeat business
  • Strong local consumers outreach

Having Problems Executing Your Local Plumbing + HVAC SEO Plan?

Hire Black storm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing Team to Help you out!

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you need to attract clients, especially local customers, who may require your products or services. Local searches are the trend nowadays and will continue to do even in the days to come. All plumbing + HVAC contractors must take advantage of local SEO for their business to dominate the local searches.

That said, adding a reputable SEO agency to your plumbing + HVAC marketing team will help your business to appear on top of local searches and stay ahead of your competitors.

Generally speaking, most plumbing + HVAC contractors, like yourself, are always occupied with other business-related issues. You are busy negotiating deals, ordering products, taking inventory, dealing with workers, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly in your business.

If local SEO seems too much of a burden to you, then hire our experienced team to handle it on your behalf. We have helped hundreds of plumbing + HVAC contractors over the years to dominate local searches and crush their competition. 

Contact us to know how we can help your plumbing + HVAC business can dominate local searches today!


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How to Rank Your Plumbing + HVAC Website #1 on Google

Do you want your plumbing + HVAC website to rank #1 on Google and beat your competitors?

Is your plumbing + HVAC business showing up in local search results?

If you need answers to these questions, then you have come to the right place.

Every plumbing + HVAC contractor is scrambling to rank on top of search engine results.

But what is your business doing?

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, marketing your business online can be an overwhelming task because most of your time is spent managing workers and sourcing materials.

This post will show you how to rank your plumbing + HVAC website #1 on Google without wasting your marketing dollars.

But let’s first know why first page rankings are so crucial for your business.

How Do First-Page Google Rankings Benefit Your Plumbing + HVAC Business?

Search engine results are getting more robust- with answer boxes, knowledge panels, local results, expandable related queries, and more.

But why should your plumbing + HVAC business strive to appear on top of search results? With so many methods to gain competitive advantage, ranking your plumbing + HVAC business on the first page is worth the effort.

Here are some reasons why the first page Google rankings are so crucial for your plumbing + HVAC website:

First Page Rankings Means High Click-through rate

It is a well-known fact that first page rankings capture a lot of traffic but also improves your click-through rate. If your plumbing + HVAC website is not at the top of search results, then you are bound to miss a lot of clicks and hence lead.

First Page Rankings on Google Improves Your Plumbing + HVAC Website Visibility

Let’s imagine that you have a mortar and brick business location. If you were given the option of either putting up your plumbing + HVAC business on the quiet side street or the main road, which one would you select? Sure, many people will opt for the main road.

With over 167 billion searches each month, ranking your plumbing + HVAC website on the first page of Google is like relocating your business in one of the busiest streets in town. The more people visit your plumbing + HVAC website, the more they become familiar with your brand, which leads to higher conversions.

First Page Rankings on Google Generates More Plumbing + HVAC Leads

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, your objective should be to rank on the first page of Google for queries that your prospects/clients are performing online. By doing so, property owners will able to discover the products or services that you provide online with the intent to engage or buy. These property owners are likely to convert into long- term clients and leads for your business.

First Page Rankings on Google Drives Your Plumbing + HVAC Website Traffic

If your plumbing + HVAC business is not featuring on the first page of Google, then you are losing leads, traffic, and clients. In fact, a recent study found out that the first page of Google captures more than 70% of the total web traffic. Ranking your plumbing + HVAC website on the first page of Google drastically improves your traffic and thus helps you gain more clients and leads.

First Page Rankings on Google Increases Your Plumbing + HVAC Industry Authority

Getting on top of search results requires that you craft high-quality posts regularly that Google recognizes that they are meeting the needs of the users. This takes a lot of time, but the trust and traffic spike is worth the effort.

Besides, writing regularly about your plumbing + HVAC business and industry will help you to stay connected with the latest news/updates within your niche. Featuring on the first page of Google is crucial because it enhances the maintenance and development of a vast knowledge-base that your plumbing + HVAC business can stand.

First Page Rankings on Google Earns Your Plumbing + HVAC Business Trust

Google’s algorithm was designed to detect suspicious, low-quality, and spammy content. But if your plumbing + HVAC business is regularly showing up on the first page of Google, it shows that Google trusts your website for offering high-quality information, and Prospects are likely to hire plumbing + HVAC contractor who Google trusts. Just like with other contracting businesses, your online reputation matters a lot when generating leads or acquiring new clients

Without further ado, let’s dive into the plumbing + HVAC marketing tips that will rank your plumbing + HVAC business higher on Google.

Find the Plumbing + HVAC Keywords that Prospects are searching for

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you should know what search terms your prospects/ clients are using to look for your products or services online. You can begin by brainstorming the broader terms and narrowing down the shorter keywords.

Most plumbing + HVAC contractors make a mistake of optimizing for wrong search terms and thus fail to rank high in search engines. The search terms you select for your plumbing + HVAC business should describe what you provide as a product or service. The keyword you choose should also represent a minimum amount of traffic that will help you to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. This is where you need to use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, amongst others.

Examples of commonly used plumbing + HVAC keywords include:

Plumbing + HVAC contractor in YOUR CITY (Plumbing + HVAC contractor in San Diego CA)

Plumbing + HVAC replacement services in YOUR CITY (Plumbing + HVAC replacement services in Baltimore)

Once you have selected your keywords, you will update your plumbing + HVAC website to include them. You can update them in the page description, page title, H1 tag, and spread it all over your plumbing + HVAC pages.

If you want your business to rank #1 on Google for competitive plumbing + HVAC keywords, then consider hiring a professional marketing agency that specializes in plumbing + HVAC SEO to achieve significant ROI results.

How to Get Your Plumbing + HVAC Business Rank #1 on Google through PPC Ads

SEO aims to get your plumbing + HVAC website pages to show up #1 in Google’s organic results for free, but this can take a lot of time, so a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising campaign can be an excellent option for plumbing + HVAC contractors who want faster results.

The main advantage of PPC is how fast you can drive relevant traffic to your plumbing + HVAC website/landing page. While other forms of plumbing + HVAC marketing take time to produce desired results, PPC advertising allows plumbing + HVAC contractors to obtain immediate results.

However, most plumbing + HVAC contractors wrongly think that they can just simply dash out their marketing dollars to Google and claim the first page listings. The sad truth is that Google makes sure that only the most relevant, high-quality ads for every plumbing + HVAC search query.

The plumbing + HVAC PPC advertising model works smoothly, and that explains why they are so popular.

In simple terms, you pay only when a prospect/ client clicks on your plumbing + HVAC advertisement.

If you are still undecided on whether to invest in PPC advertising, here are some of the benefits it can bring to your plumbing + HVAC business:

  • Plumbing + HVAC PPC is the only advertising strategy that allows your business to get fast and instant results
  • PPC advertising helps your business to obtain measurable results- you can actually gauge your expenditure against profits or loss.
  • PPC campaigns are not affected by regular Google algorithm changes
  • It helps your Plumbing + HVAC business to take advantage of online business opportunities
  • PPC adverts help your plumbing + HVAC business to gain recognition online by targeting search terms that your prospect uses to look for plumbing + HVAC services or products.
  • PPC advertising increases your plumbing + HVAC website traffic and sales
  • PPC opens doors to potential local clients (by improving your plumbing + HVAC website’s local search rankings)

So, if your plumbing + HVAC business is not investing in PPC ads, then you are not ranking #1 on Google, and thus losing those leads to your competition.

For your plumbing + HVAC business to take advantage of the benefits listed above, you need to:

  • Allocate more marketing dollars to PPC than the returns you obtain
  • Hire a Reputable Plumbing + HVAC PPC agency to optimize your ad campaigns
  • Analyze what your competitors are doing on PPC and take proactive action

PPC brings many potential benefits to your plumbing + HVAC business because it can easily rank your plumbing + HVAC website #1 on Google by targeting the right prospects at the right time without breaking your bank account.

The Blackstorm plumbing + HVAC marketing team can help your business make the most out of your PPC campaign by crafting relevant, high-quality plumbing + HVAC adverts that resonate with your target audience hence leading to more leads and conversions.

Get Your Plumbing + HVAC website ranked #1 on Google by Optimizing it for Mobile Devices

Let’s face it.

You will not find any non-responsive plumbing + HVAC website ranked #1 on Google. Nowadays, customers use tablets and phones more than laptops and computers, and many local searches are conducted on mobile devices. Consequently, Google favors mobile-friendly plumbing + HVAC websites. A responsive website can fit into any screen size and still function optimally.

However, if your current site is not responsive, there are hiring a reputable plumbing + HVAC web design agency to guarantee a seamless experience for Smartphone users. Read on ten reasons why every plumbing + HVAC contractor needs a mobile-friendly plumbing + HVAC website.

Rank Your Plumbing + HVAC Business #1 on Google by Focusing More on User Experience

Having a responsive plumbing + HVAC website is not enough.

Your website should also be user-friendly and appealing.

A plumbing + HVAC website with a clear-call-to-action, intuitive navigation, and responds to your client’s immediate queries will keep them engaged for long- Google will notice this and reward your site with higher rankings. The higher you rank the more traffic you obtain and the higher chances of featuring on the first page of Google.

Read on how user experience design affects your plumbing + HVAC sales.

Other Things that You Can Do to Rank Your Plumbing + HVAC Business on Top of Search Results

Google My Business

If you want to improve the online visibility of your plumbing + HVAC business, then make sure that you claim and optimize your GMB listing. After that, you need to gather as many positive reviews as possible. This increases your probability of dominating the local search engine results.

But how do you claim and optimize your Google My Business Listing?

Here’s how:

  • Fill out every section of your Google My Business Profile
    • The more details you include in your GMB profile, the more it can feature on the first page of Google for various searches. Generally, complete plumbing + HVAC Google My Business profile generates more leads than incomplete ones.
  • Maintain the same business name throughout
    • Use the same business name throughout all the platforms because Google does not love discrepancies.
  • Get Google Reviews
    • Your prospects want to see what other people are saying about your plumbing + HVAC business before they can call you for services. Thus, you should request your past clients to share their feedback with such prospects to increase their trust and confidence in your services.


Google loves to incorporate various images, including videos, to improve its client user experience. In fact, a video has higher chances of being ranked on top of search results than a landing page on the same topic. Embedding videos and creating a YouTube channel for your plumbing + HVAC website is one of the ways of ranking high in search engines.

 Start a Blog

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, starting a blog and posting articles regularly can help your business to show up on top of search results. You need to develop keywords based on the questions that prospects ask you while on the field.

Get Your Plumbing + HVAC Business Ranked #1 on Google with Blackstorm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing Solutions

Is your plumbing + HVAC website always ranking behind the competition? Are you tired of buying plumbing + HVAC leads from brokers?

If so, you have come to the right site.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we specialize in plumbing + HVAC marketing that helps your business to get in front of prospects looking for products or services.

Getting your plumbing + HVAC website on top of search results can be overwhelming if you know nothing about plumbing + HVAC marketing.

We develop foolproof digital marketing strategies proven to generate leads at a lower cost.

Over the years, we have helped many plumbing + HVAC contractors achieve great results through our unique online marketing strategies.

At BlackStorm Plumbing + HVAC Marketing Pros, we take away all the hassle, annoyance, and confusion so that you can concentrate on what matters- running your plumbing + HVAC business.

From creating a stunning mobile-friendly plumbing + HVAC website to managing your PPC campaign, we will handle every aspect of your plumbing + HVAC marketing to make sure that your business outranks competition.

If you are looking for a unique strategy to rank your business on top of Google, contact us for a free strategy session today.

Local SEO PPC Promotion SEO

Most Commonly Searched Plumbing + HVAC Keywords

One of the most critical components of Plumbing + HVAC SEO (search engine optimization) for your NICHE business is keyword research. You need to understand what your customers are searching for so that you can optimize your website for the keywords that will drive the most qualified traffic to your website.

Our team has researched and developed a list of the most commonly searched plumbing + HVAC keywords and listed them below for your review:

Below is a list of the MOST CRITICAL keywords related to your business that you want to be sure your website is optimized for:

Your City + Plumbing & HVAC
Your City + Plumbing & HVAC Contractor
Your City + Plumbing & HVAC Service
Your City + Plumbing & HVAC Repair
Your City + Commercial Plumbing & HVAC
Your City + Commercial Plumbing & HVAC Contractor

Plumbing & HVAC In Your City
Plumbing & HVAC Contractor In Your City
Plumbing & HVAC Service In Your City
Plumbing & HVAC Repair In Your City
Best Plumbing & HVAC in Your City



We can help get you TOP placement on Google for the majority of the Plumbing + HVAC related keywords in your area. However, we only work with ONE Plumbing + HVAC contractor in each city. So, apply to work with us before your competitor does.


Why is SEO For Plumbing + HVAC Essential in 2020?

Search Engine Optimization improves your website’s visibility. A website must be noticeable to people searching for that company or products and services your company offers.

Thousands of websites and blogs dispute every day the highest spots in the Search Engine Result Pages. Because of that, these pages apply a series of SEO strategies to improve their website’s ranking.

Recent studies have determined the huge importance of SEO. These studies revealed how an immense majority of users visit only the websites that search engines suggest on their first page.

  • 90% of users stay on the first Google page.
  • 67.60% of users click only in the first five results of their search.

These studies indicate that if a web page is not located inside the first ten results of the browser, it’s almost as if it doesn’t exist. Currently, there are millions of web pages, making impossible for any user to visit them all for a specific search.

Nevertheless, the reason for SEO goes beyond ranking high in the different search engines. Its true purpose is to attract the most quality traffic of users to your site.

The search engine optimization is essential for online stores and companies, as it leads the correct clients to them. SEO seeks to offer each user the adequate answer to their question. The number of visits may not increase a lot with SEO for some online businesses, but it will surely increase the number of clients for them.

Invest in SEO

Investing in SEO is a profitable operation. Having an SEO strategy correctly implemented will give you a better ranking, generating more visits. Your website or e-commerce will overcome your competitors.

Additionally, a considerable part of SEO actions goes to what it’s known as SEO OnPage. Those actions will take place inside the website. That means when you invest in SEO, the largest part of that investment it’s done in your digital channel.

Investing in advertising may seem like a more effective strategy; this indeed will position your website on the first page. However, studies showed that only 3.4% of the time, users click on advertising pages. The reason behind that happening is that users often trust more in pages naturally positioned.

SEO in 2020

Search engine optimization has been in recent years a deciding factor on the success of online businesses, and in 2020 will not be different. Every blog and website must start investing in SEO if their business is to succeed.

Moreover, unlike other ranking methods like paid advertising, SEO usually offers long-term results. With the correct SEO analysis, your website or blog can stay on the first page of the SERPs for several years without spending money in the future. It’s safe to say that search engine optimization will be essential in 2020 and the coming years.

There are additional factors to have in mind to give a website a boost in the search engine rankings, like presence in social media, branding, and other marketing strategies. These follow and complement the SEO. The right combination of these factors will make your business grow quickly.


What and Why Are Backlinks Important For Ranking Your Plumbing + HVAC Website in Google?

“The only constant in life is change.”

For those of you who are long in the tooth, you certainly remember the few platforms a vendor had to advertise themselves. Those platforms were few and far in between – we are talking about the classified section of the newspapers and the occasional billboard. In rare cases, a vendor could choose to place an advert on the air (either via TV or radio). Those days are forever gone and thankfully for any business entity that wants to reach out to potential clients, there is plenty of opportunity in the information age.

To get a foothold in the online world, you as a plumbing + HVAC company need to be noticed anytime a client keys in your name or product on a search engine. The odds are definitely against you making the cut unless you have a bag of tricks to leaping to the frontline each time a search query is keyed in for your product. BlackStorm Design + Marketing has a few tricks in their bag to get you to the top of Google searches. The solution lies in our intimate understanding of how backlinking works. Let us break this concept for you in a simple and constructive way.

A backlink is a link to your plumbing +HVAC site from another website. For instance, if a housing magazine( online) cited the advantages of certain plumbing + HVAC material based on an article on your blog, followed this up by giving a link to your plumbing + HVAC website, that is what is referred to as backlinking. At the basic level, a backlink should be viewed as an online referral. This is important because it gives you a degree of credibility that Google –via algorithms notes and consequently influences your ranking on the search engine.


Plumbing + HVAC backlinks or any backlink for that matter can be categorized into four groups. The distinction is made below.

Social vs. Earned Backlink

If your business has a Facebook account and you enter the link of your plumbing + HVAC website to your profile, that is considered a social backlink. The impact of this is limited in the sense that anyone can do likewise. An earned backlink carries more weight. If for instance CNN runs a story about storms and cited an article on your plumbing + HVAC website- complete with your plumbing + HVAC backlink that would be considered an earned backlink.

High vs. Low-Quality Links

A low-quality link would be a link obtained from spam or links purchased in bulk from third parties. The truth of the matter is that those are techniques that might have gotten some traction 5 years ago. Those moves are dead as a dodo today and we avoid them totally.

High-quality links, as you can imagine, are not easy to obtain. However, we can aide you get high-quality plumbing + HVAC backlinks by either guiding you on how to sponsor articles on a high-quality site- on condition that they backlink to your plumbing + HVAC site. In the same vein, we would advise that you purchase a quality blog from an auction- sites that have links to high-quality websites – then run your content on these blogs, whilst using the backlinks previously used on the blog.

Fast vs. Consistent Backlinking

Building backlinks has got to be organic. If the algorithms of your search engine flag that links are being built at too fast a rate, then the site could be flagged for suspicious activity and this ends up doing more harm than good. A scenario where suspect backlinking has occurred would be in a context where a site has 30 backlinks in less than a year.

To master consistent backlinking one must have patience. It may take time but as one Oriental proverb states: A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. At BlackStorm, we have the patience to build your brand progressively over a period of time.

Keyword Optimization vs. URL Backlinks

A backlink could be the URL of your plumbing + HVAC company. A second backlink could be based on wordplay- such as plumbing + HVAC backlinks. The Google search engine could pick up on the keyword or even URL, add points on the website’s rankings and this would improve your visibility online.

If you want to improve on your plumbing + HVAC site rankings, we are the go-to guys for plumbing + HVAC contractors and their marketing. We help you define your goals, convert leads to clients, and retain repeat clients. Give us that call today.

Local SEO Marketing SEO

Top 8 Reasons to Hire an SEO Agency For Your Plumbing + HVAC Marketing

Do you want your plumbing + HVAC website to be found online by potential clients and leads?

Are you planning to hire an SEO agency but don’t know the advantages they can bring to your plumbing + HVAC business?

If so, this post will explain the advantages of hiring a reputable SEO agency instead of doing it on your own.

SEO is the process of improving your plumbing + HVAC website in a way that allows people to visit your site, find you online, and have a great experience.

SEO can be a tricky game, so you must hire a reputable Plumbing + HVAC SEO agency to get the desired results.

Here are crucial reasons why you should hire a Plumbing + HVAC SEO agency instead of trying to achieve results on your own

Hiring a Plumbing + HVAC SEO Agency Saves Manpower and Money

Handling plumbing + HVAC SEO on your own can be an overwhelming task. You might have an in-house SEO team, which implies that you will be paying salaries plus other accrued benefits.

However, with the plumbing + HVAC SEO agency, you will only pay for the services offered and have various professionals handling various areas of your plumbing + HVAC marketing to guarantee desired results. Your plumbing + HVAC business will save more money, hiring a plumbing + HVAC SEO agency than working with an in-house team to deal with your plumbing + HVAC marketing online.

Reason 1) A Plumbing + HVAC SEO Agency Has the Experience & Expertise to Produce Desired Results

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, you might have read various topics about SEO, but you cannot be able to optimize your plumbing + HVAC website. Experienced plumbing + HVAC SEO agencies make a living assisting plumbing + HVAC contractors in succeeding in their online SEO campaigns. Consequently, they are well-equipped and have extensive knowledge of this SEO game. Since these agencies have worked with many plumbing + HVAC contractors over the years, they will use the skills and experience to deliver the desired results.

Reason 2) A Plumbing + HVAC SEO agency Frees up Your Time So that you can focus on running Your Business

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, it is unlikely that you have all the resources and time needed to launch an effective SEO campaign. You have bills to pay, workers to manage, and phone calls to answer/make. That leaves you with little or time to concentrate on an SEO campaign.

Hiring a professional plumbing + HVAC SEO agency can minimize the stress of doing SEO campaigns alone, and makes sure that it is done correctly. An SEO agency will handle everything from researching your industry to mapping out the campaign. This gives you enough time to continue running your plumbing + HVAC business like a pro.

Reason 3) A Plumbing + HVAC SEO Agency Delivers the Best Results

Even though your plumbing + HVAC website may be well-designed, it will not meet its goal if it’s not obtaining good traffic. When you hire a reputable plumbing + HVAC agency, you will gain the desired results. These professionals will first assess your plumbing + HVAC website and ensure that it is functioning optimally. They will make sure that your site converts leads to clients.

Reason 4) An SEO Agency Guarantees High Return on Investment

Search engine optimization involves a lot of things more than just getting high traffic to your site. It helps to attract relevant traffic that can be converted from leads to potential customers in the long term. SEO professionals know how to entice prospects who are currently searching for plumbing + HVAC services or products in your area. Consequently, you will achieve high returns than what you had initially invested, which gives you a chance to build your plumbing + HVAC brand.

Reason 5) A Plumbing + HVAC SEO Agency helps you to Gain Advantage over Competition

Blackstorm Plumbing + HVAC marketing team will do a comprehensive research about what your competitors are doing to dominate local search rankings. As a result, they will develop workable strategies that will help your business beat competition and put your business as an authority in the plumbing + HVAC niche. A right SEO agency will help you to do this and yield better results.

Reason 6) SEO Maintenance and Fixes

As you already know, SEO is not a onetime thing; it is a continuous process. Regular SEO maintenance is needed to keep a well-formed and optimized plumbing + HVAC website; this agency maintains SEO rankings and fixes any bug that might occur anytime. So having regular checkups for your plumbing + HVAC website will make it be ranked high by search engines.

Reason 7) Plumbing + HVAC SEO Agencies Have Access to Analytics and Tools

One of the crucial aspects of SEO is spying your competition, what they are doing online, and develop a strategy that will outrank them in the market.

However, you cannot know what your competitors are doing if you don’t have the right tools.

Professional plumbing + HVAC SEO agencies like Blackstorm plumbing + HVAC marketing have analytics and tools needed to spy on completion and develop a unique SEO strategy for your plumbing + HVAC business.

These tools also help them to know the progress and success of your SEO campaign.

Reason 8) An SEO Agency Will Help You Get the Right Long-Tail Plumbing + HVAC Keywords

As a plumbing + HVAC contractor, long-tail keywords should be your primary focus. They have less competition compared to shorter keywords. Finding the right long-tail plumbing + HVAC keywords will help your site to rank faster because they have low or no competition.

Wrapping it up

The fact is that hiring a plumbing + HVAC SEO agency will help your business to found online by prospects or customers looking for your product or services. When your website gets ranked highly by search engines, which means it will get high traffic.

With thousands of plumbing + HVAC SEO agencies around the world, it can be challenging to choose the right one.

If you are looking for a reputable SEO company to market your plumbing + HVAC business, Blackstorm plumbing + HVAC marketing is your best bet.

What Sets Blackstorm’s Plumbing + HVAC Marketing SEO Services Apart from the Rest?

Dedicated SEO Professionals

At Blackstorm plumbing + HVAC marketing, we strive to make the complicated plumbing + HVAC marketing process more straightforward for our customers. We will allocate one SEO professional to analyze your business competition, and develop a unique strategy for your plumbing + HVAC business.

Transparent Reporting & Pricing

While our competitors use mirrors and smoke, we remain open, and you can see actually how our SEO efforts are boosting your online revenue. Also, we charge only what is reflected in our quote (No hidden charges).

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free Plumbing + HVAC SEO strategy session today!



A History of Major Google Algorithm Updates/Changes Plumbing + HVAC Should Know

Every year, Google makes several changes to search. In 2018, they reported an incredible 3,234 updates — an average of almost 9 per day, and more than eight times the number of updates in 2009. While most of these changes are minor, Google occasionally rolls out a major algorithmic update (such as Panda and Penguin) that affects search results in significant ways.

For business owners and search marketers, knowing when major Google updates happen can help you improve your SEO efforts to increase your organic traffic and also might help explain current changes your seeing in rankings or traffic. 

Here is a list below of the most significant and noteworthy Google algorithm changes that have sculpted the landscape we are currently seeing today in search engine optimization efforts.

Recent Google Changes That Impact SEO

Panda Update – February 2011

Panda launched on February 24, 2011. It was aimed at dealing with quality and optimization issues that the search engine identified in several websites indexed at the time. It assigns a quality score to webpages, which are then used as a ranking factor. The Panda Update is also known as the Farmer Update. When this update was implemented, it had a significant impact on a broad range of companies that operated online. Panda was introduced to improve search quality by eliminating prevailing content farms as well as spam sites that were designed to take advantage of Google’s vulnerabilities.

Panda has done excellent at cleaning up low-quality sites that occupy valuable SERP real estate. The update did not come without its share of problems, especially for companies with e-commerce initiatives. Websites, both big and small, started disappearing from the usual keyword ranks they had previously owned for years. Lots of companies were impacted negatively and were utterly unable to recover traffic.

Numerous updates have been made to the Panda Update, with most of them focusing on eliminating obstructive spam sites. These Panda updates have concentrated on getting advertisers to achieve their maximum search potential.

Penguin Update – April 2012

This was launched on April 24, 2012. This update specifically targeted link spam as well as manipulative link building practices. Matt Cutts, head of the Google webspam team, officially announced the update via Twitter as the Penguin Algorithm Update. It was an extension to the Panda Update and was Google’s response to the increasing practice of black hat search engine optimization techniques, which are used to gain higher search rankings in ways that violate search engine guidelines. Many updates were made to the Penguin algorithm since its launch in 2012 including;

Google Penguin 1.1(March 26, 2012)

Google Penguin 1.2 (October 5, 2012)

Google Penguin 2.0 (May 22, 2013)

Google Penguin 2.1 (October 4, 2013)

Google Penguin3.0 (October 17, 2014)

Google Penguin 4.O (September 23, 2016)

With the last update, Penguin became a part of the core algorithm, meaning it evaluates websites and links in real-time.

Hummingbird Update – August 2013

The Hummingbird Update was launched on August 22, 2013. The name Hummingbird came from the speed and precision of the update. This new algorithm allows Google to understand phrases better, providing precise results to complex search queries. It expands the brand content strategy to have more informational content on their site. Also, it gives substitutions as a user enters the query. It also brings out results far more complex search queries. Google’s knowledge graph also appears more often than it did previously, giving more direct answers in search results.

Hummingbird has improved how users are sent to a specific page and directed to the information they are seeking. Hummingbird has also promoted voice-powered searches, helping to create a smarter search engine that can better decipher user intent. Hummingbird update has been branded “the heart of Google’s search engine” as it can filter billions of pages to find the most relevant search results.

Pigeon Update – July 2014

Google’s Pigeon was released on July 24, 2014. This Google algorithm update, unlike its predecessors, was designed to give more accurate and relevant local search results. Google rewarded local businesses that had a strong organic presence with better visibility in traditional search results. Several updates on Pigeon have been made since 2014.

In many ways, Pigeon can be described as not being punitive; rather, it serves a specific group of users best.

Mobile Update – April 2015

This was launched on April 21, 2015. This update ensures that when users use the search engine on their mobile phones, mobile-friendly pages rank closer to the top. This is to provide optimum usability and speed.

Rank Brain Updates – October 2015

These updates were launched on October 26, 2015. It worked like a refresh to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. It helped Google to understand user queries better than before.

Possum Updates – September 2016

It was launched on September 1, 2016. It basically helped to ensure that locations given to the users were as accurate to the users’ current location as possible

Fred Update – March 2017

This was launched on March 8, 2017, and is one of the latest of Google’s major confirmed updates. It helps to ensure that Google’s webmaster guidelines are adhered to by targeting violations.

Core Update – June 2019

In a rare move, Google announced they would be releasing a new update prior to rolling it out. The update is thought to have affected low-quality news sites while boosting trusted aggregator sites. It may have also affected video carousels, with many YouTube channels seeing 25% increases in traffic.

Broad Core Algorithm Update – September 2019

Broad updates don’t tend to target anything specific; instead, they improve the overall effectiveness of Google’s systems. This can lead to drops or gains in the ranking, and the main advice from Google is to focus on producing quality content. These updates won’t penalize any websites, but they will reassess any new content featured in search results since the last update, and possibly rank quality content higher. Content improvements can aid recovery from any drop in ranking.

BERT Update – October 2019

Allegedly one of the most significant changes to Google search in the past five years, the BERT update focused on better understanding search queries. Google’s official explanation was:

“These improvements are oriented around improving language understanding, particularly for more natural language/conversational queries, as BERT can help Search better understand the nuance and context of words in Searches and better match those queries with helpful results.

Particularly for longer, more conversational queries, or searches where prepositions like “for” and “to” matter a lot to the meaning, Search will be able to understand the context of the words in your query. You can search in a way that feels natural for you.”