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The Relationship Between Online Reviews and Your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Marketing Strategy

The Importance Of Online Reviews For Your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Company

Before the advanced technology of the Internet, Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical companies gained clients from word of mouth and traditional advertising. The Internet has changed the way we advertise, and people substitute word of mouth for customer reviews because they have access to so much more.
Customers rely heavily on online reviews, and this often impacts their decision to purchase. It has been estimated that up to 85% of people read online reviews before they make any decisions to purchase services or products. Not only do customers read your reviews, but the reviews themselves help contribute positively to your website’s SEO and link-building.

So how does this knowledge need to affect your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical marketing strategy? Well, your customers should be able to read about other people’s experience with your company, and they should be able to leave comments, as well as write their own reviews after they have had an experience with your service. Remember, negative reviews give you a chance to look good by fixing the customer’s problem and show that you are a business that will do so. Customers know that nobody is perfect, and having a negative review isn’t a deal-breaker for them. Having a problem and fixing it for the review is a bonus for your website and not a detraction.

Having reviews on multiple websites like Yelp and Google Maps help search engines place value on your company. Online reviews help build your website’s search ranking as well. Often, online reviews contain keywords that are relevant to your SEO and Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical marketing strategy. With Google algorithms constantly changing to combat some of the earlier ways people used link-building and SEO to gain rank, unique online reviews give your website the legitimate content it needs to help promote relevant search results in a way that pleases Google and helps you gain rank. Put simply, the more reviews your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical website has, as well as other online review sources, the more relevant to search engines your company will become, and keywords placed in the reviews will also bring in more customers.

Online reviews are not something to shy away from. Embrace them and cultivate them online in as many places as you can. Reach out to your customers and encourage reviews. Don’t forget to utilize social media platforms as well and engage with customers while making your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical marketing strategy work for you for free.

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How to Acquire PR for Your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Company

When you have a Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical startup, the best way to make it take off is to get a healthy dose of PR. The following is a compilation of tips and pointers to keep in mind, as you attempt to get PR that will help you to introduce your business to the world and become well known.

Journalists get pitches all of the time!

It’s important when you pitch your startup to the press that you remember they get pitches all of the time. This means that you have to try something new. Give them something with an angle, something they don’t get all of the time, something that they can use. If you seem too needy and generic they will take your pitch and “pitch” it straight in the trash. PR goes two ways, you have to help the press in order to get them to help you.

Journalists are human

What this means is that they want to know that you have done your research. You know what their objectives are, what makes them successful at their jobs, and you are pitching them your startup in a way that shows you can conform to their specific needs and wants. Show them that you took the time to learn what they cover and how they cover it. This conveys your professionalism and shows respect. If you show respect you will likely earn respect. This is a fairly basic human concept.

Find out who covers Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical

Not only will you be getting better press coverage but you won’t be wasting precious time on people who aren’t interested and don’t cover your industry. Stick with the experts in your industry so that you will get the PR you need at the quality that you need. Some people say there is no such thing as bad press but if your PR is poorly written then you will be misrepresented and misunderstood and that is always a setback for a startup.

Pitch a story

Everyone loves a story. Stories are immediate and they reach larger audiences. Stories are interesting and get more coverage. Instead of asking for a basic PR write up about your basic new business startup, make it interesting. Make your pitch about a topic before you make it about your company. Don’t worry about getting your product information out first, because it can come across as a cumbersome and boring read. Create a story that surrounds the product itself and the mission statement and company initiative will shine through naturally.

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Answering Phones Properly Will Increase Profits For Your Plumbing + HVAC + Electrical Business

How to Generate More Profit by Answering The Calls to Your Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Company Better

Having effective marketing strategies for your plumbing business is beneficial, but if the communication skills of call takers are poor, your business will surely be affected. Great marketing revives struggling companies and businesses, while excellent marketing strategies entice lots of customers to contact your business by phone. If telephone experience is not really up to customers’ standards, then they might not be inclined to contact your plumbing company again in the future.

There are ways on how you can generate more profit in each call you get to your plumbing company. The way you answer or handle calls can dictate if your company and services can earn more customers patronizing and availing for these services more often. The following ways can help:

Answer the Phone Promptly

Customers get annoyed with phones that just keep on ringing. So the first thing that you need when the phone rings is to answer it promptly. Never keep your customers waiting for this might turn them off. Make sure that there is a real person in the company that can answer the phone. Attracting more customers by phone can lead your company to success, so you need to be mindful of answering each call at once and attending to customers’ plumbing needs and inquiries. Think for a minute if you just missed two calls a week.. that turns into 110 missed calls every year!

Value Customers’ Time

Customers call your company probably because they are not graced with sufficient time to visit your plumbing company. Answering their calls at once means valuing their time and giving them the attention that they deserve. To make the most out of every call you get and generate more profit, you can also make the telephone line available 24 hours. In such a case, your company will be able to accommodate emergency services requested by customers. This could mean extra income for the company.

Give the Right Telephone Greeting

Simply stating the name of your company is not enough when customers call. Try to make a friendlier approach. Greetings like “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Hello” are standard greetings, but you can also use this in a friendly and sincere tone. Never end telephone conversations without saying, “Thank You.” A friendly telephone greeting enables you to turn inquiries into formal business transactions.

Get Customers’ Contact Information

When answering the phone, it would just be natural to let the customer on the other line to explain in detail the plumbing problem they got. But before allowing them to explain their problems, get their contact details first. This move can somehow help you create mental contact with your customers. Getting their contact details can make customers realize that you are willing to invest time in them.

Don’t Give Quotes over the Phone.

In most instances, customers call a plumbing company to ask for quotes. This can be a bit tricky, especially if your plumbing company is charging professional rates for excellent works. If the callers insist on asking a list of prices, make sure to get their contact details first. Explain to them that you require a service fee for getting your plumbing technicians to their location and giving them an upfront price for works that need to be completed.

These ways can help you make more money out of calls made by customers to your plumbing company. You can start executing these ways if you have the desire for a consistent flow of cash.

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5 Reasons to Update Your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Website

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Make Sure Your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Website Is Updated.

It is easy to set up your website the way that you want it and then just leave it alone, but I am here to convince you that you absolutely should not just leave it alone. If you have a plumbing business and you want it to be successful and remain successful you must attract new customers and work on your search engine rankings. If you aren’t updating your website then your plumbing business will suffer.

Let me tell you the top 5 reasons why:

1. First Impressions Will Make or Break You

Most customers will research plumbing companies online before making a phone call, even before they know what it is they may or may not want. If you are not putting your website first then you are ignoring an important component of your business’s future success. Make sure your website design is never flat or dull but also be careful and keep it easy to navigate and understand.

2. Make Your Presence Known

Obviously, when customers are searching for plumbing services and products online they are inundated with different businesses and advertisements to choose from every step of the way. It is crucial that your company can be seen more effectively, or at the very least, as effectively as the competition. Make sure customers viewing your site can find the information they need and the plumbing services they desire without moving on to your competitor’s site. This means you should have a page for each service that you offer, so if you offer 15 services you need 15 pages- one for each service.

3. Make Your Presence Known on all Platforms

Customers don’t just look for products and services from their desktops or PCs anymore. They are browsing websites on their lunch breaks or in the car from their cell phones or their tablets. Your business website has got to be mobile-friendly or you are losing business to your competitors. This also means making sure you are using all social media outlets you can to get the word out and make your presence known.

4. Make Your Website Reflect Your Business

This is yet another reason to keep your website updated, that I believe simply no one can argue with. Your plumbing business changes and you may offer new plumbing services or have different availability status or maybe you now offer a product that you didn’t offer before. Update your website! Make this information clear to your customer so that they aren’t receiving conflicting (and confusing) information that shows them your left-hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing. It just paints the wrong picture for your plumbing company and shows that you aren’t good at staying on top of things.

5. Be Smart About Paying for Basic Updates

Some people pay for their websites to be updated but fail to realize it takes days for these updates to occur. A content management system (CMS) is the way to go. You can use simple forms to update the content of your website immediately. Remember, search engines love new content and will grant websites that keep their content current and fresh better rankings.

We prefer WordPress.

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5 Steps for Giving Productive Feedback to Your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Employees

Feedback is an important part of any plumbing business. Sometimes it is hard to know how to approach feedback appropriately so that the employee receiving it will understand correctly and use the feedback to become more productive.

It’s crucial that people giving and receiving feedback feel secure, or it is unlikely that the feedback will be useful enough to affect any long term changes. Studies cited at the NeuroLeadership Summit in Boston, claim that people who receive feedback apply it only 30% of the time, according to Columbia University neuroscientist Kevin Ochsner.

The following are some tips to help that percentage rise when you give feedback to your Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical employees:

Be kind.

Remember that it is very important when giving feedback that your attitude is courteous and encouraging. You can’t make the person receiving the feedback feel belittled or shamed in any way. Criticism and feedback are only constructive when you are patient and kind. Of course, this isn’t always easy if the situation is tense, but no matter the circumstance, you must make the person receiving the feedback feel secure, or it is unlikely your feedback will be received appropriately.

Be specific.

Don’t let your feedback be too general or all-encompassing. Don’t say things like, “When we have business meetings, try to interact and give your thoughts.” Instead, say, “I value your opinion because you are brilliant, and I would like to hear you give at least two of your thoughts when we are having a business meeting.”

Be positive.

Sometimes we have to give negative or corrective feedback, but this only works if you couple it with positivity about some aspect of the job they are doing well. People have threat responses and can become defensive if the feedback is not softened by something positive.

Be tough, but not mean.

Employees make mistakes, and it can be very frustrating, especially if the mistakes continue to be repeated. In these situations, feedback needs to be firm, but be very careful that your firmness is not crossing over into a meaningful form of feedback. It’s a fine line, but if you keep your frustration in check, you can be tough but not rude or inconsiderate. Nothing will change if your feedback is mean, and it can even lead to the employee quitting or bringing negativity into the workplace.

Be immediate.

You can’t always succeed at giving constructive feedback immediately because the circumstances might not be appropriate. However, in every case, you should make an effort to give feedback as soon as a problem becomes evident. This is important because the incident is fresh, and there is less of a chance of misunderstanding your feedback. If you wait, then the memories of what is or is not happening will be muddled, and clarity is less likely achieved.

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NEWS: Michael Bloomberg Advises Some To Skip College And Become A Plumber

Michael Bloomberg Advises Some Graduates To Consider Skipping College Altogether.

Mayor Bloomberg’s advice to ‘so-so’ students is to skip college and become a plumber. His argument is that they won’t waste time, would have a nice income, and could avoid student loan debt. Plus, this is one profession that can’t be outsourced.

The former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, spoke at a Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) meeting in New York City where he gave some pretty controversial advice to young high school graduates. The question is whether or not it is good advice, and for some, the answer is a resounding yes. Bloomberg recommended that some graduates would do well to consider not going to college but instead join the workforce right away.

“If he’s not going to go to a great school and he’s not super smart academically but is smart in terms of dealing with people and that sort of thing, being a plumber is a great job because you have pricing power, you have an enormous skill set,” Bloomberg explained. In today’s day and age, college is an expensive investment and could leave students saddled with loans for the rest of their lives.

Instead of going that route and accruing student loan debts, consider becoming a plumber’s apprentice and earn $50,000 to $60,000 a year. While being a plumber might not be considered glamorous the payout can be handsomely rewarding, especially, if you stick with it and start your own company. Bloomberg cited the father of one of his very own employees who heads a successful plumbing business and chose not to attend college. “He’s got six plumbers working for him, he’s a scratch golfer, he goes around playing courses I only dream about,” Bloomberg said of the man.

Few people grow up dreaming about becoming a plumber or a garbage man or a sewer inspector but these are all worthwhile careers to pursue because you can make a handsome living doing them, without attending an expensive college or university. Garbage men make up to $60,000 a year and have the satisfaction of knowing they make a huge difference in the community every day. A sewer inspector makes an average salary of $47,000 a year. Crab fishermen can make up to $50,000 over a 3 month period. Porta-potty cleaners maintain 10 to 60 porta-potties a day and take home an average salary of $50,000 a year. Owners of businesses that provide these services make even more money and don’t have to get their hands as dirty. So is college the best and only answer for everyone? Perhaps, the answer is no.


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4 Things Plumbing Business Owners Keep Messing Up

The entrepreneur has countless things on their mind at any given moment. There is after all plenty to consider when starting a business. How the entrepreneur starts his venture will have everything to do with how it grows and when. Usually when an entrepreneur ventures into his or her startup they aren’t thinking about possible exits or routes for expansion, but they should. If your company is going to grow you have to know exactly where you stand in order to be prepared to grow too. Consider the four following common missteps.

1. Invest in your general ledger

It is often a tedious and bland part of the startup process, especially for beginners. Usually, they will rely on basic accounting software and be done with it. For most startups this is acceptable, but you don’t know what road lies ahead. It is important that once you are into your journey neck-deep you are prepared with a ledger, that hasn’t missed a beat, and that can provide the evidence you need of the exact value you have built. I recommend considering hiring a professional just in case you find yourself in waters over your head.

2. Keep Business, Business

It is tempting to twist and tweak expenses and use company funds for personal use with a justification. Avoid this common misstep at all costs. Here’s why: The generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP) for business expenses, are sometimes subjected by beginners to liberal interpretations, or basic improper reporting. Not only could this be the beginning of the end for your company if the IRS gets involved, but it also skews the true value of your business when you aren’t keeping the proper expense records.

3. Report all revenues

This is another big and enticing misstep that is commonly made by beginners. It is tempting, especially if you deal with a lot of cash, to skim money from the start and justify it in different ways. Once again, this gets a lot of newbies in trouble with the IRS and also undervalues your company in the long run. It will be difficult to show and understand the true value and growth of your company if numbers are being misrepresented.

4. Keep very careful records/receipts

A beginner often assumes that going down the straight and narrow means giving more of their hard-earned money to the government in taxes. This is generally never the case. Invest in a good book or a professional advisor to show you the legal routes and bypasses you can take, and keep every record no matter how seemingly inconsequential. You will need these records to prove to yourself and others exactly how valuable your company is at any given point in time. You cannot progress and move forward if you don’t keep track of exactly where it is you and your new business stands.

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Ney York City Housing Authority Paid $106 Million Dollars in Overtime to Workers in 2014: Plumbers Received Over Half of the Money

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is in serious financial trouble and is facing a deficit of $77 million. However, It’s good to be a plumber for NYCHA right now. Plumbing supervisor Robert Procida earned more money in the fiscal year 2014 then NYCHA chairwoman Shola Olatoye and also surpassed than Mayor de Blasio. Procida’s base salary is $88,288 a year, but he earned another $142,425 in overtime. That is a total of $232,459 for Procida, while Olatoye earned $210,000, and De Blasio earned $225,000 in 2014.

The extra money for Procida adds up to 1,481 hours of overtime or the equivalent of an extra whopping 37 workweeks. NYCHA is in a tight spot because New York plumbing is old and needs constant maintenance and upkeep, but it is having a hard time paying plumbers what they are owed because their deficit keeps growing larger.

The increase in overtime should not be seen as a negative reflection of the workers in any way because they are there to serve the tenants who have valid needs for service. The problem NYCHA is having is getting the required workforce they need to fulfill the jobs. Plumbing supervisors are required to be on duty at all hours when services are rendered because they need to allocate resources and solve problems.

NYCHA is declining to speak about its problems with paying so much money to plumbers in overtime, but there are some possible solutions on the table. Plumbers work day shifts throughout the week, and any work done after hours or on the weekend is considered overtime. It is reported that NYCHA is trying to find employees that would be weekend only staff to help alleviate some of the cost of paying so much overtime to regular employees.

NYCHA is scheduled to sit down at the bargaining table on Tuesday. On Monday, they issued a general response to the public about the problem. “As landlords, homeowners and renters everywhere know, too often plumbing and other repairs arise as an emergency response, and for NYCHA, the real solution to the challenges of addressing these costly and emergent maintenance issues that can happen at any time is to assure that public housing has the long-term resources to make necessary, permanent and sustainable capital improvements.”

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The Important Differences Between Marketing, Advertising and Branding

It is easy and also very common for the average person to interchange the terms marketing, advertising, and branding in a way that isn’t technically correct. However, when a young entrepreneur, inventor, or businessman makes the mistake it is a glaring technicality that often causes professionals to question the person’s credibility. Mixing up the terms marketing and advertising or even branding can make investors hesitant and give partners a reason to question your strategies.

Let’s take a closer look at marketing, advertising, and branding so that they are better defined and used in the proper places at the proper times.


Marketing is the message that your business conveys to others. Kind of like what you choose to wear when you go to the grocery store. Pajamas usually mean you’re a slob. Marketing is the way that you control how others perceive your company. You control your marketing by ensuring good first impressions and a solid strategy in the way that you convey what values your company represents. Marketing is the first interaction people will have with your company so it is important that your marketing strategy is developed appropriately so that people are left with a stellar first impression. When you explain your company to consumers, stakeholders, business partners you are describing the best qualities of your business and this is called marketing. How you choose to handle marketing is key to explaining your company efficiently and getting people to believe in your business.


Advertising is the message that consumers receive again and again but it is more static and less informative then marketing. Once you launch an advertising campaign it is hard to change it right away so you have to hit the nail on the head immediately with your advertising strategies. The wrong advertising campaign can be detrimental to your company and people will not be as responsive as you would wish them to be. Of course, you can alter your advertising strategies but remember that a bad advertising campaign will sequentially undermine your marketing strategy so it is the best game plan to get your advertisements dead on.


Branding is essentially the feedback you receive from others that shapes the way people view your company. You can guide your branding by using effective advertising and marketing strategies but it is still going to be created by the people that interact with your business and give their opinion. Branding comes from good reviews, a consumer’s willingness to pay a premium for your product, and the general goodwill that is associated with your company’s values and services. All of these things become incorporated into your business’s brand. I recommend that you take the time to study the important differences between marketing, advertising, and branding and make sure that you understand them completely so that you can sound more professional in important settings and receive professional results.

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NEWS: Plumber Dies From Electrocution

In Lewisham, South London a plumber was unblocking a sink for a couple who lived in a flat. It is believed that the plumber was shocked by a faulty washing machine causing him to begin to convulse from electrocution as currents of electricity ran throughout his body.

A plumber was fatally electrocuted as he tried to unblock a sink – and a couple who ran to help him were hospitalized with electric shocks.
The man who employed the plumber tried to help him but was immediately electrocuted as well after he touched the plumber. The man’s wife entered the scene and touched her husband in an attempt to help, and she too was subsequently electrocuted.

The unnamed plumber died at the scene and the man and woman were both rushed to the hospital for severe burn and cardiac arrest treatments. The neighbor Yohandes Berhe said that he was alerted to the trouble when the couple’s 14-year-old son knocked on his door and said that his parents were in trouble.

This same young boy saved his sisters life when she tried to touch her parents in an attempt to help them, and her brother restrained her telling her that she could not touch her parents.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and gave the father CPR and helped the mother who was vomiting, but the plumber was beyond recovery at that point. The neighbor Mr. Berhe said, “They are a very good family. They had just finished celebrating the New Year. It was very sad to see the next day.”