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Answering Phones Properly Will Increase Profits For Your Plumbing + HVAC + Electrical Business

How to Generate More Profit by Answering The Calls to Your Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Company Better

Having effective marketing strategies for your plumbing business is beneficial, but if the communication skills of call takers are poor, your business will surely be affected. Great marketing revives struggling companies and businesses, while excellent marketing strategies entice lots of customers to contact your business by phone. If telephone experience is not really up to customers’ standards, then they might not be inclined to contact your plumbing company again in the future.

There are ways on how you can generate more profit in each call you get to your plumbing company. The way you answer or handle calls can dictate if your company and services can earn more customers patronizing and availing for these services more often. The following ways can help:

Answer the Phone Promptly

Customers get annoyed with phones that just keep on ringing. So the first thing that you need when the phone rings is to answer it promptly. Never keep your customers waiting for this might turn them off. Make sure that there is a real person in the company that can answer the phone. Attracting more customers by phone can lead your company to success, so you need to be mindful of answering each call at once and attending to customers’ plumbing needs and inquiries. Think for a minute if you just missed two calls a week.. that turns into 110 missed calls every year!

Value Customers’ Time

Customers call your company probably because they are not graced with sufficient time to visit your plumbing company. Answering their calls at once means valuing their time and giving them the attention that they deserve. To make the most out of every call you get and generate more profit, you can also make the telephone line available 24 hours. In such a case, your company will be able to accommodate emergency services requested by customers. This could mean extra income for the company.

Give the Right Telephone Greeting

Simply stating the name of your company is not enough when customers call. Try to make a friendlier approach. Greetings like “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” and “Hello” are standard greetings, but you can also use this in a friendly and sincere tone. Never end telephone conversations without saying, “Thank You.” A friendly telephone greeting enables you to turn inquiries into formal business transactions.

Get Customers’ Contact Information

When answering the phone, it would just be natural to let the customer on the other line to explain in detail the plumbing problem they got. But before allowing them to explain their problems, get their contact details first. This move can somehow help you create mental contact with your customers. Getting their contact details can make customers realize that you are willing to invest time in them.

Don’t Give Quotes over the Phone.

In most instances, customers call a plumbing company to ask for quotes. This can be a bit tricky, especially if your plumbing company is charging professional rates for excellent works. If the callers insist on asking a list of prices, make sure to get their contact details first. Explain to them that you require a service fee for getting your plumbing technicians to their location and giving them an upfront price for works that need to be completed.

These ways can help you make more money out of calls made by customers to your plumbing company. You can start executing these ways if you have the desire for a consistent flow of cash.

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